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Spring changes

Want to know if blondes really do have more fun? Or are you keen to lose some length? Maybe you want to get a little creative with your colour for summer?  Rest assured, our gals are on hand to transform your look.

This client had some existing colour in her hair before Steph worked her magic.  The brunette with hints of purple was lightened to an icy blond.


Sarah added a little joie de vivre in this highlighted look with some rv@all elumen by Goldwell.


Ombre is a great, easy upkeep option for those seeking to update their look. The lower section of the hair is coloured to create a subtle fade, ideal for those who prefer low fuss maintenance.


Remember we also trim children’s hair. This little guy had his curls kept in check last week and left the salon looking like a new man.


All our stylists are happy to advise and discuss new looks before scissor meets hair, so if you are considering a change please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Men, we’ve got you covered

Men need look no further than Escape Hair & Body for the best cut of their lives. That’s right fellas: all our stylists are masters of the male style! Whether you prefer to keep things short and sweet or lusciously long, we have you covered.

No hair is too much to handle for our gals! A recent client grew his hair for two and a half years before donating it all to be made into wigs for cancer patients. Steph gave him a fresh new look with a clean, all over buzz.

man cancer hair

You may remember this delightful cut from our January blog post. Sarah rustled up her take on a barbershop classic, blended with crew cut sharpness and pompadour vibes. This look hits a lot of genres whilst remaining coolly timeless. With short, clean sides fading into some controlled length on top, this gent was ready for Gastown.

man shaved sides

Nina gave this client a much needed clean up mid ski season after he was finding his hair a little to floppy to manage. The back and sides were given a hefty chop, whilst leaving plenty volume on top for a cheeky après ski quiff. This is a great look for any man who likes to have a little facial hair, and is easily maintainable with a little product.

man clean up

Sarah also nailed this similar look that carries a little more oomph on top, and a longer-length fade on the sides.

man longer

We have plenty of delicious Davines and Kevin Murphy products on hand to finish off any look; ideal for lending a little more control when achieving these styles, or smoothing any pesky flyaways, and you’ll be glad to know that all are available for purchase in store.

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Spring Offers

Spring has sprung here at Escape, and we’ve got some delicious deals on the go to get y’all summer ready!

We are currently offering 20% off on all our Davines 1 litre shampoo and conditioners. Available are the following: Love Smoothing, Love Curl Enhancing, Melu, Minu, Dede and Oi.

OI Shampoo Mothers day

Our hair kits were so popular this winter, especially with those cute little bags, that we’ve decided to offer a free bag when any two Davines products* are purchased. These handy little bags are available in lovely yellow, and practically begging to be filled with all your Davines products.


Also on offer at the moment are the Alchemic Experience duos.  Buy both shampoo and conditioner for only $48.60 and save $14!  These award-winning products are ideal for balancing tone or enhancing natural pigment, so if you’re finding your blonde a tad brassy, or your brunette in need of brightening, look no further than the Alchemic range.  Available in red, copper, tobacco, chocolate and silver.

Alchemic davines

In addition to these glorious Davines deals, we are also carrying the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash/Rinse as well as the Angel Wash/Rinse in 500ml sizes for only $35.99! This is a limited edition bottling, and a great stop-gap between the 280ml and 1litre sizes.

kevin murphy

We hope you will agree that there are some incredible deals here.  Best get down to Escape before they are all snapped up!

*Not inc 1l sizes

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Davines World Wide Hair Show

January has been a busy and exciting month for Escape with many clients, old and new, starting the new year as they mean to go on; in style! Please have a gander on both our Facebook and Instagram to see some of the wonderful hair designs that our stylists have created this month.


Barbershop chic by Sarah

We welcomed Stella back home last week after her annual pilgrimage to the Davines World Wide Hair Tour in Los Angeles. Talented stylists and like-minded individuals from across the globe congregated at the Orpheum Theatre for three days of performance, education and discussion centered around an ecological approach to business and style.


Several brilliant creative innovators, including Davines’ own Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara, made creative presentations to impress the audience and showcase the boundless potential of the Davines’ haircare range. At the heart of the tour, however, was the promotion of sustainable beauty that aims to be both ecological and business friendly.

Stella, like many of her creative peers, felt empowered by Davines’ message that individual change is as detrimental as global prerogative in saving the earth. “Every year is better than the last,” she told us, when we caught her in-between clients last Friday, “It’s about people, it’s about the environment, it’s about helping each other to protect our planet.”

Escape is proud to support the full Davines range and, in addition to supporting this eco-friendly and organic product line, we have taken various steps of our own to reduce our carbon footprint. Feel free to chat to us in store about our green policy, or to purchase any of the Davines home hair care range. Not only are these products eco-friendly, but they also feel (and smell!) great.

Finally, we are very excited to announce that there will be a new arrival in our hair care range at Escape… It made an impressive debut at the DWWHT, and our stylists can’t wait to use in the chair. We can’t say anymore than that for now, but in the mean time, we’ll leave this here…

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New Year, New Hair

new year new hair 2016 99_nIt was new year, new hair for this client.  We love the ombre look our stylist, Debbie, created for her with a little help from Davines flamboyage meche strips.

#newhair #balayage #ombre #Davines

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Davines Hair Kits are here!

Davines kits

love kit 20151117



LOVE – Ideal for frizzy, wavy or unruly hair for improved control.  LOVE Smoothing shampoo.  LOVE Smoothing conditioner.  These formulas are designed to gently cleanse frizzy and unruly hair, favouring straightening and giving elasticity and hydration. Winner of Allure magazine’s 2014 Best of Beauty Natural Wonders.  Also included is Relaxing Moisturizing fluid, which adds a light and shiny effect, is an excellent support for use with hot tools and is humidity-proof.




NouNou kit 20151117


NOU NOU Shampoo. NOU NOU Conditioner. Ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed. Nourishing shampoo and conditioner for damaged or very dry hair. These formulas are designed to gently cleanse treated hair, giving it body and nourishment then untangle and make it soft and silky. It does not weigh down the hair. Winner of Allure magazine’s 2015 Best of Beauty Awards for damaged hair.  Also included is OI All in One milk.  Thanks to its particularly rich and nourishing formulation, it adds shine, controls frizz, moisturizes and gives body without weighing hair down, facilitates blow drying, heat protection and provides a longer-lasting hairstyle.


ON kit 20151117


OI – OI Shampoo.  OI Conditioner.  Ideal for all kinds of hair.  Particularly suitable for giving hair extraordinary softness, shine and body.  Protects the structure of the hair from damage caused by the heat of blow dryers and straighteners or by mechanical stress.  Also included is OI Oil which provides strong detangling and restructuring action, an anti-frizz effect and strong anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals action.






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Winter is coming




Elumen does it again!  We love how this combo of Bl@all and Tq@all turned out.  It’s the perfect icy blue for winter!

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Back to Brunette




Tired of maintaining her platinum blonde, this client decided it was time to get back to brunette.  We used Mask colour by Davines to fill and tint it back and threw in a few caramel pieces to add dimension.

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Vibrant Colors



It’s wonderful to be free and choose these fancy vibrant colors which Debbie brought to life.

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Color Makeover



Debbie took 50% of the grey hair and gave it a warmer and on trend look, while keeping it professional.

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